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Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Review

Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Review As Im sure you already know, Rogers is a communications and media company. I don’t really consider them as a full fledge home security monitoring service provider but I thought to mention them because a handful of people seemed to have noticed their existence. Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Services & Features Rogers basically asks you to sign up for a three year contract with them and their base plan starts at $19.99 per month. Im honestly not a fan of the basic plan because it does absolutely nothing for you since it’s missing a TON of crucial features that you get for free from Frontpoint Security, but I digress…Here is list of the other crucial features and services that you need to add onto your basic Rogers plan: 24/7 central monitoring – $12.99/m Live video streaming – $6.99/m Smoke & fire monitoring – $3.49/m Carbone monoxide monitoring – $3.49/m Water leak monitoring – $3.49/m Wireless 2 way voice – $3.49/m Thermostat control – $3.49/m Light & small appliance control – $3.49/m Video & picture storage – $3.49/m Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Pros Keeping in mind that Rogers is a media and communications company…you might to find out if they will give you a special discount for being an existing customer. If you are already using them for other services such as phone, internet, and cable etc…maybe they would consider doing something special for you. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Cons As I mentioned earlier, Rogers is not really a monitoring company. This makes their smart home monitoring services venerable in my opinion. I mean, think about it for a second. If you were sick and you needed to see a really good doctor for surgery, would you consider going to see a vet that has a little experience with working on people? I’ll let you make that decision on your own. Also, I find Rogers to be a little too expensive for my liking. After you add all those important features on top of their basic $19.99/m plan, you will end up spending more than $64/m. Conclusion Rogers is an ok option but I see a too many downsides to using them. You’d be better of going with a company like Frontpoint Security because they specialise in home security solutions that are both affordable and reliable. Contact...

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